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Trusted Service Providers

Austin Crawford

Contact: Austin Crawford

P: (403) 870-1432

Austin Crawford is a highly valuable financial advisor, offering a wealth of insights and strategies that cater to various income levels. From smart insurance plans to effective investment guidance, his expertise empowers individuals to save, plan for the future, and navigate financial challenges with confidence.

Airdrie, AB, Canada

Streetwise Realty

Contact: Nindi Sanghera

P: (587) 703-8848

Streetwise Realty, a Division of Streetwise Property Management Inc, under the leadership of Nindi Sanghera, excels in delivering an exceptional real estate experience. With a commitment to prompt responsiveness, informative communication, and professional expertise, they stand as a top recommendation for all your real estate needs.

1925 18 Avenue Northeast suite 115, Calgary, Alberta T2E 7T8, Canada

Continental Realty & Management

Contact: Nawaz (Nick) Kassam

P: (403) 291-4803

Continental's professional and helpful management team expertly handles all aspects of property units, ensuring a hassle-free experience for clients. Their attentive customer service, reasonable rates, and diligent approach make them highly recommended for both tenants and property owners. With a focus on detail and efficiency, Continental stands out for their courteous administrative team and proactive problem-solving. From assisting individuals in finding dream homes to providing responsive maintenance support, Continental's exceptional service truly sets them apart.

200 Barclay Parade Southwest, Calgary, Alberta T2P 4R4, Canada

Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

Contact: Maria Shettler

P: (403) 463-6562

Maria Shettler is an outstanding realtor who goes above and beyond to assist in your home buying journey. Her unwavering support, responsiveness, and valuable guidance make her an essential partner throughout the process and even beyond.

809 85 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 4E5, Canada

Streetwise Property Management Inc.

Contact: Tanya MacPherson and Nindi Sanghera

P: (403) 879-0166

Streetwise Property Management, led by Tanya MacPherson and Nindi Sanghera, stands out for their accommodating and pleasant approach to both owner and tenant needs, rapid and efficient maintenance response, and a dedicated team that offers informative communication and professionalism. Their ability to quickly find tenants, coupled with responsive service, solidifies them as a top choice for property management.

1925 18 Avenue Northeast suite 115, Calgary, Alberta T2E 7T8, Canada

KD Professional Services Corp.

Contact: Michael Lepitre

P: (403) 870-1432

I highly recommend KD Professional Services for your business and personal accounting needs. Their experienced team of CPAs provides strategic guidance to optimize finances and minimize taxes. I've been continually impressed by their expertise and excellent customer service - they take the time to understand unique business goals and offer tailored solutions. Whether you need tax planning, or auditing support, their comprehensive services have you covered. KD Professionals offers free consultations to discuss needs without obligation. If you're looking for an accounting partner you can trust, I sincerely believe they are the best option in Calgary for both individuals and businesses. Their goal is to maximize profits and savings for every client.

221 18th Street Southeast #102, Calgary, AB T2E 6J5, Canada

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